1. Please note all Prices and quotes EXCLUDE VAT.
2. Quotes are valid for no more than 7 days, Prices and Quotes may change without prior notice. Before Placing Any Orders Stock Should be Re-Checked to Avoid any Disappointments.
3. Production will commence after full payment of order.
4. All goods remain on Co-Motions Property until goods are fully paid for. Full Payment is required on any order before Co-Motions will Start or process any order, without negotiation on payment terms, there are no special circumstances where this rule will be bent. Due to Fraudulent Cases we can not make any exceptions on payment terms.
5. Cancellation of order will only be accepted if received in writing one week from placement of order.
6. Delays caused by suppliers or printers are beyond our control and are not grounds of cancellation of order, although we follow up on a regular basis to avoid such matters.
7. Standard manufacturing time on garments are normally 4-6 weeks from date of order and deposit.
8. Delays of payments, artwork received or any requirements needed for completions of jobs or written / faxed orders effect the delivery date first discussed on enquiry.
9. Standard manufacturing time on garments or custom made goods are normally 4-6 weeks from date of order, unless discussed otherwise in writing. Faulty Items, if any, are to be reported within 24 hours of receiving goods, for returns, and must be in original packaging. All returns on unbranded stock will be subject to a 30% handling fee. - Branded Items are non Returnable
10. Delivery Fees within Gauteng region and other Regions to be advised. Same day Service is available at appropriate rates. Economy freight is Advised and will be quoted by weight and volumetric rate due to current fuel cost fluctuations. Same day delivery is available and will be quoted upon each order appropriately according to spec. Please note Same day Service has to be confirmed before 9 am and upon proof of payment reflecting in our account.
11. Standard Production Time on stock items may vary from 8-16 working days or stated otherwise in quote.
12. As these items are produced in bulk, and pre-packed in sealed boxes please allow for 3 to 5% short/over supply (without compensation from Co-Motions). Should there be more than 3 -5 % short supplied the Co-Motions will adjust the invoice value or replace the item short supplied. This must Be done within 24 Hours of Delivery note or Waybill of Receiving goods.
13. SAMPLES - Again Thanks to many out there - There are no FREE samples, Samples will be paid at Sample Prices. If it required that we have to go see the client a minimum of R150 - R250 in Gauteng will be charged for consultation fee. We understand your time is valuable - Our time is valuable too, we make sure that our clients get the best product and quality delivered on time. there are no Reps. on the road due to cuts in price all the time. E-mail above is a good example why we cannot spend our time on running around with free samples. We do not keep samples of items as for they get discontinued often or sold out frequently. Samples can be arranged upon request, but will be invoiced. Samples are non Returnable, Once the order is placed we may come to a negotiable amount deducted depending on final amount ordered upon invoice.
14. CONSULTATION FEE WILL BE REFUNDED When order is Placed with Co-Motions Consultation, Should you require an agent or sales personal, a call out fee may be levied. Please bear in mind most queries can be resolved via e-mail or by phone. Our products are of high standard and good quality.
15.  Embroidery - Please send the logo for embroidery We must do a stitch count in order to give a price. (it is stitch count based) Printing or Laser engraving is best advised after artwork is viewed (it saves you time on quoting back and forth)
16. On issue of a Pro-Forma invoice a 35% (Total value of goods) handling fee of will be charged if order is cancelled, artwork, presentation or any labour charges to be paid in Full.
17. Any Artwork, Design, presentation or labour done on request by client during query process will be billed if the order is not placed and is cancelled for some reason by clients own discretion.
18. Should Co-Motions agree in writing to a shorter lead time, a surcharge of 20% will apply and Co-Motions is herewith expressly indemnified from the quality or correctness of the product.
19. By contacting us for a quote or information, by email or by phone or by ending up in our inbox, you will be automatically added to our subscribe list for Newsletters and Mailers Please read More....

By contacting us for a quote or information, by email or by phone or by ending up in our inbox, you will be automatically added to our subscribe list for Newsletters and Mailers We do not get any mail addresses from any other source than our own Inbox, we do not therefore it is not regarded spam.

We Keep every record of every e-mail for your proof in order to prove to you that we did not randomly cull mail addresses out of the blue. You Simply have to Click the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the mailer if you wish not to receive Future mailers.

Important Notice: If you Still receive any News Letters From us you have to....

1. Make Sure you do not have a Forwarding address to this mail If so, please provide me with that address so I can Find it and Remove it

2. Check that You have not Aliased an e-mail Address by means of receiving mails under different names. For Example you Have changed your mail settings and names. (Our Search Will only match The Exact Criteria Given from The unsubscribe mail address you sent) We can not be held responsible for such errors. However we respect your choice to unsubscribe 

20. By using this website it is understood that you have agreed to our terms and conditions.
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