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Pad Printing
Method: Pad printing is a printing process that involves ink being transferred from an engraved metal plate onto a product via a silicone pad which in turn creates an image on the product.
Each colour is applied separately and is still one of the best options for a 1 spot colour logo.
This method is usually used on small plastic items like pens, keyrings, torches and compact mirrors.
Silk Screen
Method: Screen printing is a process where a logo is exposed to a mesh screen.
Ink is then placed onto the screen and a squeegee pushes the ink through the screen in the area where the logo has been imposed.
Colours are printed one at a time so accurate registration is essential.
This is a cost effective option on larger quantities and provides great coverage for large and bold logos.
This branding method is ideal for t-shirts and bags but can also be used on umbrellas, cooler bags and smaller items like folders or notebooks.
Method: Embroidery is an art in decorating fabrics and products using a stitched design in strands of thread.
Driven by a computer that reads a digitized embroidery file, the machine automatically creates a design on the fabric in the form of the logo supplied.
This method allows single and multi colouring branding and is great for t-shirts and caps.
Laser Engraving
Method: Laser engraving is when a logo is etched into a product with a laser beam, replicating the logo supplied with precise accuracy.
The laser burns the top layer of the product off and reveals the layer underneath.
If the layer underneath is a different colour to the top layer, when engraved the bottom layer's colour is shown.
This method is great for subtle, permanent logos in tonal shades and on items like flasks, Keychains, thermal mugs, braai utensils and pens.
Dome Sticker
Method: Full colour stickers are printed on a vinyl and then cut to the required size and shape for the product it is going on.
The stickers are then coated with a polyurethane resin to give them a 3D look.
This method is ideal for multi coloured logos that are hard to replicate with other printing branding methods.
Dome stickers can be applied to smooth or rigid surfaces but works best where a product has a recessed plaque specifically for a domed sticker.
Heat Transfer
Method: a digital image is printed onto a vinyl surface, the vinyl is then placed onto the product in the position required.
The product is then placed in a heat press and the heat melts the backing merging it with the fabric of the product it is applied to.
This method is mainly used when a logo is too intricate or has very fine details and printing is not an option.
Co2 Laser Engraving
Method: The logo is burned into a product with a Co2 laser, removing the top layer and revealing the second layer underneath.
This option is a great way to brand permanent logo onto organic materials like glass, leather and wooden items or products.
Method: A die is made in the shape of the logo required and then pressed into the surface of the item being branded.
Using both heat and pressure, creating a permanent stamped look to the product.
This option creates a wonderful subtle lasting branding and is great for leather, koskin, PU and simulated leather products like folders, notebooks and diaries.
Direct To Product Print
Method: Using Specially engineered jigs and machines, a digital printing head transfers UV-Cured ink onto a flat or slightly curved surface with a photo print quality with bright vivid colours.
This option is a fun and great way to print permanent full colour logos, which can be applied to many shapes and sizes like stress balls, bottle openers, notebooks and much more.
Digital Printing on Bags
Method: A full colour digital image is printed on a special type of transfer paper.
This paper is coated with a type of powdered glue which is cured onto the ink with UV rays.
After this process it is then placed onto the product required for branding and placed into a heat press, allowing the print to transfer directly onto the fabric.
This option is perfect for complex multi coloured logos or logos with shaded colours, half tones and small text in them.
The material does not absorb the ink like it would with silk screening and therefore the result is a sharper artwork.
This is a high impact branding option that stands out from the rest and will bring your artwork and corporate identity to life.
Sublimation Print
Method: Sublimation Printing is a process done by a full colour digital printer with special sublimation inks.
The artwork is printed onto special transfer paper and cut to the correct shape to fit the product.
The product with transfer paper on it has heat applied to it, causing the inks to migrate from the paper to the product.
This branding option is only suitable for white coloured products made from polyester fabric and polymer coated products, items like cooler bags and mugs.
Vinyl Cutting
We offer Vehicle branding, window signage, graphics for industrial and commercial purposes, what ever your need we can assist.
We also offer custom cut vinyl wall art, you send your design or we can assist in designing it for you and cut it out to your required size and deliver to you.

If you not sure which branding option is suitable for your purchase. Please Send us the Correct artwork and we will happily advise.

We have an inhouse art department and offer the services of Artwork re-creation or new artwork design or conceptional design.

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